Saturday Snapshot: Yellowstone

My husband, son, and I just returned from 2-1/2 weeks on the road. We had a great trip, and I took hundreds of photos. A blog post about the trip is likely forthcoming, but for today, a peek at some of the awe-inspiring sights of Yellowstone National Park. Continue reading

Canada Day Sunrise

My hubby and I decided to greet the day down at the beach, so we set our alarm for 4:45, made tea/coffee, grabbed the camera, and headed out. I think it was a good decision, don’t you?   .   .   . Happy Canada Day! Peace…  

Slip-sliding toward our goals

One of my favourite places to wander and explore is the Willow Point reef, which you can only get to when the tide’s quite low. On the far side of the reef, at the very tip, there are beds of gorgeous red sea urchins. The tide wasn’t quite low enough today, so the tip of … Continue reading