Books I Love: 2010 edition

I read fifty-four books in 2010, plus probably a handful or so more that I’ve forgotten to jot down in my reading journal, and numerous random chapters/partials of critique partners’ manuscripts. Now, some of you might be thinking, fifty-four?! That’s it?! And others may be thinking, holy crickets, fifty-four?! Whatever. It’s about average for me. A bit pathetic for a writer, I suppose, but what can I say? I love books, but I’m a slow reader.

For those of you who are book-freaks like me and might actually care, here’s the breakdown:

  • 12 middle-grade novels
  • 21 contemporary YA novels
  • 9 “other” YA novels (paranormal, dystopian…)
  • 7 adult novels (as in, novels for grown-ups, not adult adult, lol)
  • 5 non-fiction books

The best in each category? Usually that’s a pretty tough call, if not impossible, but this year, there were definitely some stand-out books for me, ones I highly recommend. Some are 2010 releases, others have been around a while.

Best books I read this year:

That contemp YA section was the toughest to narrow down — so many good books! (And so many more waiting to be read. My TBR list is incredibly long, and I’m really going to have to figure out how to read faster if I’m to have any hope of getting through the list. Tips, anyone?)

What books did you really love this year?

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18 thoughts on “Books I Love: 2010 edition

  1. Stephanie

    I really, really enjoyed Matched, even though it got lots of hype. I usually I don’t go for those hyped up books as much as the quiet ones. I also liked Charlie St. Cloud a lot! The movie doesn’t do the book justice.

  2. julie g

    Thanks for the best-of list, Shari – definitely some to add to my list (although next year try to include some ADULT adult – ha! just kidding…)
    When I thought about what books I really loved this year, I realized I read everything with the eye of a writer…I kept analyzing the dialogue tags, debating the use of first vs. third person, questioning plot choices, rewriting the endings.
    This disappoints me because before I ever considered writing, I read voraciously and loved every minute of it.
    In 2011, I want to at least occasionally close my critical eye – the one trying to learn and challenge myself and better my own writing – and just sit back to enjoy a good book for what it is.
    Something I LOVE.
    Thanks for remind me…

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Often if I’m re-reading an excellent book for the sake of learning from it, I INTEND to read it as a writer, but fail miserably, getting completely lost in the story again and forgetting to note how the author accomplished such awesomeness, lol.

  3. Anassa

    I’ve read something like 56 or 57 books this year. I’ll know for sure tomorrow, when I do my own reading post.

    I have a really hard time choosing favourite books. So many of them end up equals! I haven’t read any of your favourites, though. I’m more into adult fantasy and science fiction.

  4. Medeia Sharif

    I loved The Sky is Everywhere. It’s my fave this year.

    I read 115 books this year, mostly YA, a few MG, and a few adult. I might make it 117 or 118 since I have three books I’m not far from finishing.

    Happy New Year!

  5. elderfox

    Girl, you are phenomenal!! Writers are supposed to be readers and I once read more than I do now; I’ve got many more on my shelves to crack open (maybe too many). I do read a lot of “how to” re writing, but at this “elder” age I need to get at it. :)


    1. Shari Green Post author

      I have tons of “to be read” books on my shelves, too, just waiting for me to finally have time to get to them. (I haven’t read many “how to” writing books lately — any that you’d recommend??)

  6. Carol J. Garvin

    In my eyes that’s an impressive number! When I’m focused on reading I can consume a couple books a week, but that usually happens only during vacations. Some weeks I spend more time writing and other times reading is my focus. For some reason I did a poor job of keeping track of my reading this year. I have a file for the titles but just didn’t get around to recording some before I grabbed the next. I’ll have to check out The House of Spirits… thanks for the recommendation. One of my top reads for 2010 was Gina Holmes’ Crossing Oceans.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      I definitely have reading phases and writing phases, too. Can’t seem to focus on both at the same time!

      Thanks for the rec re: Crossing Oceans — anything with “ocean” or “sea” or “island” in the title always gets at least a second glance from me, lol. I’ll check it out. :)

  7. Cinette

    I was actually able to get 72 books in this year. I’m afraid I lumped all YA together, and even lumped paranormal cozies into my fantasy category;-) I tend to lean toward not-so-likely (fantasy), not as much contemporary.
    If you’re looking for something a little dark and twisted, check out Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series. He’s actually quite humorous.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Yay for 72 books read! I do hope I manage to read more in 2011 — there are just SO many I want to read! (And dark & twisted sounds good now and then, lol — thanks for the recommendation. ;))

  8. stacy -

    Well, 2010 gave me closure for Katniss. So, I would have to say MOCKINJAY was my no. 1 YA -other book.

    *I have IMPOSSIBLE on my night stand, I just need to read it. Oh, and we did a video interview with Nancy Werlin awhile back that I need to post.

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