March Madness Check-In (day 4)

Okay, March Madnessers (Madites? Madians? Madnificents?), it’s time for your first TUESDAY TOP-UP. Not that I expect your MADNESS LEVEL is getting low already, but…hey, it happens. Even at the very beginning of an exciting challenge. So, a little pep talk for ya:

You want to reach your goal this month, right?


And you know what you have to do to get there, right?


Okay. A mad amount of work all divvied up by however many days this month that you can give some time to your it-will-feel-so-awesome-to-achieve-this goal equals the work you need to do today. So here’s the great thing, the key to success, the x-marks-the-spot on the map to party town:

Wake up each day and decide to DO THAT WORK. And then do it. Just one day at a time. No scary, overwhelming MAD amount of work. Just today’s work. Do the work today. And at the end of a month full of do-today’s-work-today days, you will have ACHIEVED YOUR GOAL. 

Do today’s work today = Achieve your goal

mind blown

I know, right?!

(Oh my. There are some seriously convoluted sentences in this post. Let’s say it was a first draft, okay? We edit after March Madness, folks!)

Truly, I’m not completely mad. I know some days it’s easier said than done. But we’re all cheering for you! And you know it feels especially great to look back at the end of a rough day and know you completed your day’s words/pages. It’s always, always worth it.

Now, time for a desk dance party. Turn up your speakers…

Energized? Good. Go do today’s work.

Onward to our goals! :D

How’s it going so far?

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40 thoughts on “March Madness Check-In (day 4)

  1. Angelina C. Hansen

    Kitty insisted I be up to take care of his needs at 5 am and now he’s plopped in my lap so that writing becomes fluff-challenged. Anyhow, I was exhausted yesterday, but still managed to turn out 10 pages of revision. Today I must start by expanding a scene and then move on to the next chapter. Happy to see all the company around here. Don’t forget if you need encouragement during the day, many of us can be found on Twitter under the hashtag #wipmadness. Carry on!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Oh yes! Thanks for the reminder about our twitter hangout! :)

      Congrats on getting all those pages done despite being exhausted. Have a great revision day today!

  2. Diana Stevan

    What a cute post! Makes me want to jump into the fray. March madness, you say? Makes me think of the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes you have to go crazy to get things done. :)

  3. denisejaden

    Love those gifs, Shari! I’m slowly getting on track with my goals (Who was the silly person that planned a blog tour the first week of March Madness, btw? Oh yeah, that was me.) I revised 3 chapters yesterday and today, and I think that’s a doable pace to keep up, so I’ll do my best to hold myself to it. It’s meant getting quite a bit earlier….but I suppose I can sleep in April. :)

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Sleep, schmeep, right? ;) (Seriously, though, take care of yourself! It’s only the 4th…we’ve got a long journey ahead of us.)

      Congrats on getting those chapters revised! You’re an inspiration, as always.

  4. Kim Clarke Harbridge

    AMAZING gif usage, I almost spat my coffee out over my keyboard when I saw Snape’s sass! A friend of mine got some good news from the publishing world, which ended up giving me an unexpected motivational boost yesterday, after a lacklustre weekend. I figured out what needs to happen in the last act of the novel and started to. . .make it happen, lol. Today will be more of the same! Thanks for the reminder that it really is as simple as that.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Yay for making it happen! (And yay for your friend’s good news!)

      Thanks for checking in. Now…turn to page 394 and get back to work. (Ah, Snape…you are awesome.)

  5. Stacy Kupiec

    Well, I broke my desk. Wait, you weren’t being literal? ;) Totally pumped for today. Have some exciting scenes to write and I can’t wait to get to them. C’mon nap time…momma needs to write!!!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Eep. Sorry about that. Should’ve specified AT your desk, not ON your desk. *sends tube of super-glue*

      So awesome how pumped you are to get writing today! Whee!

  6. Carol

    Yay, a musical flashback from the year I was married! (I probably shouldn’t date myself like that, but it was fun to hear.)

    So far? So far it’s going very slowly, but on the plus side, at least it IS going. One of the disadvantages of pantsing is not having a clear view of the road ahead so initially my forward movement is tentative. But I’ve completed the first couple scenes and am gaining momentum. I’m glad to be in this inspiring company of fellow March Madnessers (kinda like that Madnificents label, too!). Onward, one step… word… page… scene at a time today! (Excellent advice, BTW!)

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the musical flashback. :)

      I’m like you…slowly gaining momentum. It still counts as forward movement toward our goals, though! So yay for that. :)

      I had a eureka moment this morning (although perhaps it’s more of a DUH moment): next year, I’m starting my March Madness project a week early, so that come March 1st, I’m already through my typical muller’s meandering, have latched onto the voice (that’s what really stalls me, even when I know where the plot’s supposed to go…if the voice isn’t right, the writing isn’t going to happen), and am ready to fly.

      1. Carol

        I thought I’d done enough advance thinking, but you’re right about the voice not being there when it comes time to start getting it on the page. The extra week might be a very good idea. :)

        1. Shari Green Post author

          For me, my mulling and loose planning gets me to the point where I’m ready to write…but not ready to write quickly, lol. So yeah, maybe next time I’ll start sooner and get the painfully slow stage behind me before the challenge officially starts. ;)

  7. Candilynn Fite-Writer

    Love this post, Shari! The gifs are hilarious!

    So psyched to participate this year in MM. I’m revising, tweaking, polishing, funny-ing-up (you know, adding humor), diving deeper into character, and loading in mucho mystery… in other words, I’m having FUN this month. :D

    Today is the perfect day to get some serious work done on the WIP. 24 degrees, “thunder-sleeting”, my yoga class was cancelled where I teach, varsity soccer game got rescheduled to tomorrow, and I have nothing else to do but whip this ms into shape. ;)

    March onward, Wipsters!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Hooray for thunder-sleet! (Not something I would’ve normally cheered for, but if it means a bonus free day to write, then bring it on!) So glad you’re have a blast with revisions. Go, you!!

  8. Akoss

    So far so good today. I worked on some paragraphs. lol
    Getting closer to finishing my chapter this week.

    Good job everyone!

  9. baccelliak

    Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to Coffee Bean & Tea leaf coffee house and that’s my writing time! For 2 hours I write. And have a nommy tea latte too. The other days are a little harder but I got some big headphones so I can ‘tune’ out husband(who works from home and is a huge distraction) and son while I write for at least an hour or so. Yesterday I was able to do this! Yay! Today I should too. Now tomorrow…

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Your Tues/Thurs routine sounds lovely! And the headphone strategy is a good one…I have the same strategy, lol. (I share a home office with my husband.)

      Happy writing! Here’s to another day of “doing today’s work today”. *clinks tea mugs with you*

  10. L.S. Taylor

    Why yes, I *do* feel madnificent! ;)

    I haven’t been making much progress on the word count front, until I brainstormed with DH and realized that with this rewrite, I need to re-capture my character’s voice and play around with the opening conversation until I get it right. So I’m going to allow myself to experiment, to just write it out and see what happens, what fits. Since said opening conversation, she’s talking with her dead brother, and he’s a total pain even as a ghost, I’m going to have fun with this.

    Meanwhile, after once more an agent I spoke with at SIWC has vanished off the face of the earth, I sat down yesterday and made a spreadsheet for my queries. Or rather the agents. I have three sections: Active Submissions, To Query, and Unsuccessful (because I’m an optimist and I can only bear so much rejection). I was really happy to discover that I’ve only had 13 rejections in the last two years, and over 40 other agents on my “list” to query. It told me I was getting discouraged too soon, and made me more determined than ever to send out more. So yesterday, I sent 3 more queries, and I feel great about this. :D

  11. Trudi Trueit

    Thanks for the great inspiration! Brainstorming this week for new middle grade novel ideas and I have quite a list, so far. Also, finishing a novel to send in to my editor by the end of the week!

  12. JoyMC

    Thanks Shari! Late last night I finished the first pass on this revision (only revising a section around 50 pages). Today I’m clearing the decks of other stuff so that when I get a couple kids free hours later I can begin a new pass. Hoping to send it off by the weekend!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Hooray for finishing the first pass! I hope you get your kid-free hours today…gotta make use of whatever time we get, don’t we? :) Thanks for checking in!

  13. Deb

    Oh my gosh. This. was. AWESOME. I am just a bobbing along. Go madites! And really good advice on one day, one goal at a time.

  14. Jennifer Pickrell

    I’ve got some day-job stuff to finish up and then it’s revising time! I *think* I made some good progress last night, but my brain is tired after a long day and I can’t remember :) I guess I’ll find out when I skim over the parts I edited. Fingers crossed that it all makes sense!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Gotta love it when we can’t even remember what we wrote yesterday, lol. I hope you were happy with what you found, and that you’re making some great progress today! Thanks for checking in. :)

  15. writingkat

    Lovely site, Shari! Thanks for having the Mad Crowd of Scribblers of March! Checking in; 1361 words today–I hope everyone else is doing great!

  16. Deana Holmes

    Shari, you had me at the Snape gif. Everything after that was bonus, now I almost feel like I’m cheating. *grin*

    I’m making SLOW progress in my draft, which is not entirely unexpected. My crazy, convoluted Sci Fi concept is only partly fleshed out and I’m trying not to stop and world build. So right now I’m writing into my characters and gradually discovering their voices. One I knew from the beginning, but my other MC (the older sister) has been harder to pin down. Then I listened to Lupita Nyong’o’s gorgeous, glorious speech on beauty and knew – that’s my inspiration. So today I’m sitting down and seeing how that goes.

    2600 words so far of an ugly, down-and-dirty first draft. Good times. Go March Madnessians!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      LOL, glad you enjoyed dear Snape. :)

      For me, finding characters’ voices is huge — and my progress is always dreadfully slow until that moment when the voice clicks. It’s hard to keep moving forward through that, and I’m sure it must be hard not to get caught up in the world-building, too. But, here’s to down-and-dirty first drafts! Keep going! :D

  17. Jenn

    Working away, filling in the gaps in the story and fixing minor glitches as I go along. Still in the easy, mostly complete part of the novel, but reaching the bigger gaps in just a few short pages – ie; tonight!! Eep! Time to put on the brainstorming hat and figure out how to make these gaps a good part of the story!

  18. Tonette dela Luna

    I accomplished what I wanted to do for today. Most importantly, I put up the Blog Tour post for our lovely Denise Jaden’s Fast Fiction book blast. Most of the day I survived without internet at the new place while the builders put together some of our furniture.

    Fortunately, I used that time–with the intermittent hammering–to work on some of the entries I’m judging for the Sandy Writing Contest. It’s good to get ahead what with all on my plate this month.

    As always, I love your gifs and vids, Shari.

    And Madnificents sounds Madvelous!

    See everyone tomorrow!


    1. Shari Green Post author

      Congrats on making great use of your time and managing to get things done in the midst of all that chaos! Inspiring! :) Thanks for checking in, Tonettte.

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