March Madness Check-In (day 11)

Hello, my madnificent March Madness friends!

It’s time for your Tuesday Top-Up! But first, we need to give away ANOTHER PRIZE from our huge prize-arsenal. Today’s winner is…

KT Wagner!


Congratulations! Stop by our goal-setting post and choose your prize from those still listed. Email Denise at d(at)denisejaden(dot)com with your choice, and we’ll get it out to you as soon as possible.

And for those of you who didn’t win today, there are still LOTS of great prizes to be won, so keep checking in each day. (And hey, if you haven’t signed up and you’re thinking goals? madness? PRIZES? Why am I not doing this?!  IT’S NOT TOO LATE! You can still SET YOUR GOALS AND JOIN THE FUN. We’d love to have you join us!)

Speaking of goals and fun… Wanna know a secret? I’m not having fun. (I know…what a sorry excuse of a host I am!) See, the project I was so excited about starting for March Madness–well, the idea’s not singing to me any more, that’s for sure. And so instead of happily dashing off messy-first-draft words during my writing time, I’m dragging my feet (ie. surfing the net, cleaning the bathrooms, basically doing anything except for writing). But I really want to move forward! I really want that sense of accomplishment at the end of the month. And I realized there’s a simple solution… revision! No, not of an old project (well, maybe ;) ). I’m talking about a revision of my goals. I said I wanted to write 20k words, and I still do. But who says it has to be all on one project?

Just tweaking my goal to allow for working on a variety of things has already got me excited about today’s writing time. The joy is back, and there should always be joy! (Even though writing is hard, I figure if there’s no joy, I’m doing it wrong.)

How are things going for you? Are you having fun with the Madness? If not, why not take a few minutes to reconnect with the joy — think about why you’re doing this, what you love about it, and how awesome it’s going to feel to reach your goal. :D

Okay, you know what time it is, right?

desk dance

You got it! It’s Desk Dance Party time!

Are you revved up and ready to boogie toward your goals? Let us know how you’re doing, and then get back at it! Onward!

Check in tomorrow at Shana’s blog.

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39 thoughts on “March Madness Check-In (day 11)

  1. Jennifer Pickrell

    *dances at my desk* I took a break from revisions yesterday to jot down some ideas for a new WIP. It was a welcome break and now I’m ready to dive back into edits!

  2. Candilynn Fite-Writer

    I find when I spend time scouring bathrooms while I’m supposed to be writing is when I’m stuck. After all the mindless scrubbing, by the time I get to the mirror, my writerly dilemma is usually worked out. Staring at myself in the streak-free reflection, there’s no hiding, I tell myself, “Okay, enough monkeying around. Get back to work.” If my writing dilemma hasn’t been solved, I move onto the kitchen. Housework is a good motivator for me. It’s something I can do, hands-on, but it doesn’t require too much thinking. My mind is allowed to wander as I clean. :)

    I took a break yesterday and drove my daughter down to the coast for a bit of spring break fun. Now, it’s time to get back to revisions.

    Write on, Wipsters!!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Oh yeah, I do housework when I’m stuck, too. :p But once I REALIZE it’s because I’m stuck, I usually head outside for a long walk, which for me is the very best unsticking method.

      I hope your daughter has a fun spring break! Happy revising to you… :)

  3. baccelliak

    I can relate with the cleaning bathroom(I hate to do that) instead of writing when I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck on my own revision but took an on-line RWA class on ‘Can this story be saved?’ which really helped me narrow down my story into a paragraph and see why it wasn’t moving along. This has helped. I have a love-hate relationship going on with it. I also admit I’ve tried the querying agents for my last three books and it’s very painful and a roller coaster ride. Not the funniest thing. Then I do the whole compare thingy which makes me not really get back on track. Sigh. Need to stop and just finish this revision then have a Beta reader go over so I can query again. My goal is to get an agent so I can have a wider distribution of my work out there.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      The roller coast is SO not fun. *hugs* Here’s to staying focused on revisions so you can reach your goal and get this project out there! We’re cheering for you, Kim!

  4. denisejaden

    LOL, I don’t know where you find these gifs and videos, but they are priceless! Good word, too, though I admit, I’ve had a fair amount of joy writing this month so far. My frustration is in not being able to find enough time to write (and this week it’s for the WORST reason – taxes. Bleh. Maybe I should start working on a project I hate so that I would look forward to taxes…Yeah, that was a REALLY stupid thought. LOL.) Anyway, thanks for hosting and for your honesty, Shari. I’m sure there will be lots of people who relate to this about now…

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Taxes…ugh! Don’t remind me! *puts fingers in ears* lalala…I can’t heeeeeeeear youuuuuu…

      Srsly, good luck with getting taxes done and out of the way. Guess I should add that to my to-do list, eh?

  5. Akoss

    I’m revising and I don’t like revising so… I have to make myself do it regardless. lol
    Time away doesn’t help much.
    Happy writing, everyone. Now I’m going back to my chapter. :)

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Sorry you’re not having fun with the revising. But hang in there! It’ll be so worth it when you reach the end! Meanwhile, have you tried little rewards along the way…something to entice you toward the end of each chapter… Hey, bribes, rewards, and threats work on me, so maybe you’ll find them helpful, too, LOL. ;)

  6. Trudi Trueit

    Desk dance party! Thanks for the pick-me-up. I’m grappling with an outline this week. Writing outlines is my least favorite part of the writing process. And like Denise, I’m also working on taxes so yeah, good fun there! But making progress on all fronts so something to rejoice about on day 11!

  7. Stacy Kupiec

    You’ll be happy to know I didn’t take you literal today. I didn’t dance on my desk…I danced on my table. ;) Such a great and fun way to get pumped for the day (even though the day started a while ago).
    I am back in the groove. I started writing yesterday, worried that I’d fallen behind, only to emerge a couple hours later having caught almost completely up! My wip is coming along nicely. I can’t wait until I can go back and see if I’ve made any sense. :o In the meantime, I have all my character’s pics on my second screen smiling at me and telling me how happy they are to be a part of my story. Judge if you like. I’m crazy. I’ve accepted it.
    Congrats to KT!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      You’re no crazier than I am, LOL. Way to go with getting caught up! You rock! Carry on, Stacy…and maybe post pics of that table-dancing, eh? ;)

  8. Jeanne Ryan

    I’m sure my family would love it if just once in a while I chose housework over writing time. :) Smart move to revise your goals so they fuel the joy.

    Off to work on my own goals now…

    1. Shari Green Post author

      “chose housework over writing time” — LOL, trust me, it doesn’t happen often. Cleaning and vacuuming just don’t rate very high on my priority list.

      Wishing you joy as you work toward your goals… :)

  9. Tonette dela Luna

    I think it’s always okay to revise goals. If life (writing life, et. al.) were easy, we wouldn’t have goals, but merely a checklist.

    The important thing is you decided to tackle this from another angle with the end result being progress–of any kind. I say that’s a win!



  10. Carol

    Yay!!! Congratulations to Katherine!

    I know what you mean about enthusiasm getting bogged down, Shari. Rejigging goals makes sense if that’s all it takes to bring joy back into the writing. But even when I’m stuck, I’m not tempted to clean bathrooms!

    This second week has started off much like the first week, with very slow progress. I’m revisiting my goal, too, as I don’t see myself finishing even a rough draft of this story in the remaining days of MM. I’ll be happy if I can get a good chunk of words done every day so by month end I’ll have a significant accumulation of them.

    The sun is out this afternoon and I’m going to take an hour in the garden. That will bring me joy, for sure, and then I’ll be ready to leap back to the writing. I hope everyone else is enjoying their work and gaining satisfaction from seeing goals getting closer.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Consistent progress is a huge achievement, even if the word counts aren’t what we’d originally planned. Here’s to moving forward! *clinks tea mugs with you*

  11. KT Wagner

    First of all, yay I won! Thank-you!

    Second, I can relate, Shari. I started the month with a revision goal for my dystopian novel, but last week I went off to a novel writing retreat and took that one and my steampunk novel…decided to work on the steampunk novel based on the structure of the retreat…am now considering continuing with the steampunk novel, which is only partially drafted. Ack

    On a more positive note, I did finish the first draft of a new short story.


    1. Shari Green Post author

      Progress is progress! Hooray for new work on the steampunk, and hooray for a new short story!

      Congrats on winning today’s prize. :D

  12. L.S. Taylor

    Congrats, KT!

    Count me in on the “I do housework when stuck” train. It dawned on me on Saturday that that is *exactly* what I was doing when I did have some writing time. I hit a point that was hard and resisted. And resistance for me equals doing something that *feels* productive (even if that bathroom mirror will be dirty in hours). I didn’t get much done that day, and didn’t even check in, but I cleaned the house. Sigh.

    I hear you on changing goals, Shari. Last night I spent tweaking my query even further (and I love it), and preparing to send a few more queries. I started this morning planning to spend my lunch hour sending said queries, but forces pulled me in another direction, and I felt the need to work on a totally different project. And there is joy. Happy writing!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      I’m so glad there is joy for you! And yay for feeling great about your query. :)

      As for the housework…I expect a clean house is never a good sign, lol. But it totally does feel like we’ve done something “productive” when we power-clean, doesn’t it? Better than just staring at a blank computer screen, I suppose.

  13. Kim Clarke Harbridge

    Yay for flexible goals! I try to always have a couple of dissimilar projects on the go at once. That way I just have to chose which one to work on, rather than choosing whether to work at all. It helps for me to frame it that way, though I usually have a clear favourite of the two wips :)

    Yesterday was a wash, but today I was able to write another chapter. I also had a flash of insight about another project that’s been on the back burner for a long time, but I’m not allowed to work on it again until I’m done this wip. Still, it feels nice to have unravelled a long-snarled knot (even if I’d rather it had been for a higher-priority wip!)

    Thanks again for hosting (and excellent gifs). Good luck and happy dancing everyone!

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Yay for another chapter! And yay for insight, too, even if you don’t get to play with that project for a while, lol. It’s always such a great feeling when a plot-knot gets untangled.

      I’ve never been one to have multiple projects on the go at the same time, but maybe that’ll be the new norm for me. Usually, I get so focused (obsessed) on whatever project I’m working on that I can’t even imagine thinking about another one…but it sure was the right thing to do this time!

  14. girlparker

    You know what? I just jumped in. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m also going nowhere fast. Hello goals and friends! And thank you for the reminder to find the joy. Amen.

  15. Angelina C. Hansen

    Plugging along. It’s been a tough week since I have a close friend slumber partying with me this week and I seem to be getting sick. But I’m still meeting my goal everyday, but sheesh, it’s taken major BIC discipline. ^+^

    1. Shari Green Post author

      Ooh nooo…I hope you stay healthy! Take good care of yourself. Way to go with meeting your goals, even with those major obstacles. Inspiring!

  16. Linda C Butler

    It’s 11:30 pm and I’m just checking in. oh well, there’s always another day. It hasn’t been a good writing day but the sun was wonderful and I got out for a bit.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      So good to get out in the sun! I seems to do a world of good for our creative spirit, so that counts as a good day. :)

      Hoping the writing’s going better for you today. Hang in there!

  17. Deb

    well, again behind a day. what. is. up. with. this? But, had to say thank you thank you for this post. I am in the so same spot with this mg I working on. I may have turned a corner last night, but I can tell I still dragging my feet–today I am hoping to pound out some words and see how it goes…but yep a goal revision is in order.

    1. Shari Green Post author

      It’s so hard when we’re all foot-draggy. Ugh. I think sometimes it means we’re going at the current project the wrong way (plot-wise, or voice-wise, or POV-wise) — like, we’re banging our head against a locked door, when the patio door’s standing wide open, lol. So stepping back is good. And then again, like with me this time, it means I’m working on the wrong project at the moment. Being willing to revise plans/goals can get things rolling again.

      All the best to you, Deb. I hope you really have “turned a corner” and the words are flowing today! Don’t give up! :)

  18. writingkat

    Hi! Turned off my computer last night before checking in—I conked out quick! got in 1568 words. congrats to KT!
    Kat ;)

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