Dumbledore and Re-visioning

Today’s the day — the day I begin to re-vision a story I almost love.

Re-visioning is an exciting, interesting, daunting thing. It’s not just revising; it’s re-imagining. Re-visioning means looking at the heart of something and seeing new possibilities, envisioning a new, different, and hopefully better story emerging from the ashes.

Hmm, I can almost imagine Dumbledore peering over his glasses at me, saying “it’s about time, too…that story was looking dreadful.”

For me, re-visioning involves starting with a blank slate. You know how they talk of “killing your darlings” when you’re cutting stuff in the revision process? Yeah. I put all my darlings on the Titanic and said goodbye. Sigh. It’s scary, and a bit sad, but the hope of a stronger story I really will love gives me courage.

(Oh man, am I burning things or drowning them? I’ll just get all the cheesy metaphors out here in this blog post so they don’t show up in the manuscript, okay?)

notebookThis morning, I put an inspirational photo on my computer screen, hit “play” on some appropriate mood-music, and opened a brand new notebook to begin collecting my re-visioning thoughts.

That was four hours ago.

I missed my gym workout. I missed lunch. And I didn’t miss the old version of my story. I’ve got a TON of work ahead of me, but I’m good with that – I’m in the joyous and delusional this-is-gonna-be-great stage of story-crafting.

Hmm… Dumbledore also said, “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.” So true, Professor, but for now, let me enjoy this stage. I promise not to choose easy over right when the time comes.

What stage are you in the midst of?

Have you ever turfed a finished manuscript and started again from scratch? Got any advice for me?

I’ll leave you with a hint of this novel’s setting and inspiration:

Peace… :)



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8 thoughts on “Dumbledore and Re-visioning

  1. I am so happy and proud of you too, Shari! That is a huge thing to do. I have never been quite so brave, although I definitely do it on a chapter-by-chapter basis. If you ever need another reader at some point, you know where to find me!

  2. I don’t agree with Dumbledore that it was ever dreadful, but if rewriting… revisioning… will make it even better, that can’t be anything but good. I’m looking forward to reading the new THW.

    I rewrote an early novel, but not to change the story so much as to tell it in different words and in a different POV. It still needs work… now I think it needs a different beginning. Maybe “revisioning” the whole ms would be a better idea! That’s a ‘someday’ thing.

    • Re-working THW has been a “someday thing” for me for a while now, lol. Even though I haven’t looked at in maybe a year and a half, it’s been in the back of my mind. And I suspect it will keep nagging at me until I feel like I’ve made it as good as I possibly can! :)

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