The 12 Books I Bought By Accident…Oops

I’ve stumbled across some really wonderful books recently. I get a lot of books from the library, for the sake of my bank account, but nevertheless, I seem to have acquired a nice stack over the past couple months. Granted, a few of these were very intentional, eagerly-awaited purchases, but most were “accidental”…impulse buys that I don’t regret in the slightest. bookcollage(Hmm…this doesn’t include e-books. Maybe they’ll get their own collage & post. ;) )

What wonderful books have you stumbled across lately?


Shari Green

December 14, 2014

FOLLOWING CHELSEA is a bestseller this month (Nov 11 – Dec 10) at Coho Books, my wonderful local indie. Thank you, Campbell River, for your awesome support!

Load Your E-Reader! Fiction for Christmas (& a giveaway!)

Are you buying an e-reader for someone this Christmas? Or maybe you need to add some great fiction to your own reader for those cozy nights by the fire over the holidays. Now’s the perfect time to grab some great Young Adult and New Adult titles!

Check out the list of e-books below. Click away! Then make sure to come back and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of this post for a chance to win two e-books! Happy reading! Continue reading

10 Things: Books, Baking, Beaches…and Giveaways!

I set out to write a “Friday Five”…but I got carried away. So, ten things to share with you today!

  1. SALE! All eBooks on Evernight Teen are on sale! 25% off, today through Monday. Also, all Evernight and Evernight Teen eBooks will be on sale at AllRomance eBooks for Black Friday (25% off). Great time to grab FOLLOWING CHELSEA if you’ve been meaning to pick it up! :)
  2. Signing: Tonight I’m doing my first official book-signing! I’ll be at Coho Books in Campbell River from 7-8pm. book-signing
  3. Baking: I took advantage of the rainy weather coinciding with days off this week to start my Christmas baking – earlier than usual, but nice to get a few things in the freezer ahead of time.baking-collage
  4. Beach! We did get some breaks in the rain, though, and I took advantage of them… To the beach!  Continue reading

Strong Women: Guest post by Meradeth Houston

Today, I’m delighted to welcome fellow Evernight Teen author, Meradeth Houston, to my blog. Meradeth is the author of AN ABSENCE OF LIGHT (scroll down for info about her book!). Meradeth and I have been chatting about strong female characters. Thanks for joining us, Meradeth!

Thanks so much for hosting me, and agreeing to swap blogs, Shari!! I love getting to wander around the web a bit and talk about book stuff. :)

So, we’re talking strong female characters, something that is near and dear to me. I will admit that I’ve put books aside when the main character comes across as too passive or weak. I don’t enjoy reading about someone who sits around waiting for someone else to save them, or who only manages to accomplish everything due to sheer dumb luck (something I sometimes call TDTSS: ‘too dumb to survive syndrome’—it’s deadly for a character!).

What makes a character, especially a female character, strong then? Continue reading