Monday Miscellany: Interviews, Giveaways, & Excellent Weird Stuff

blog-MondayMiscellanyThis weekend it was all wind and rain and crashing waves here. Now, it’s calm, and the fog has rolled in. I’m getting ready to head out into the mist with my camera, but first, some links:

Interview and Giveaway: Jennifer Chen interviews yours truly on her blog today. Check out my tips for writers and see my list of recent fave YA reads! Also, enter to win an e-book, signed postcards, and a Starbucks gift card.

Blog Tour for FOLLOWING CHELSEA. Click the image below to see the tour schedule. I hope you can stop by and visit some of the tour sites this week! (And while you’re there, enter to win an e-book of FOLLOWING CHELSEA and a book of your choice from Book Depository! Yay, books!)

Following Chelsea Tour Banner


Conference! Later this week, I’m heading to the mainland for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference–a fantastic conference with an incredible lineup of presenters and keynote speakers, agents, editors, and hundreds of fellow writers. So much fun and learning! (Pre-registration is closed, but you can still register on-site. Visit for more info.)

And now for something completely different…

    1. Classic movie scenes recreated in LEGO, because why not?
    2. Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset. (Joss Whedon)
    3. A beginner’s guide to Doctor Who. (Sarah Bessey)
    4. Awesomely creepy Halloween makeup. I like the zipper face and the eye mouth. But not really. *shudders*
    5. And finally, on yet another completely different note, a shout-out to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre for the great work they do. And a special shout-out to the kind person there who took the time to help me with a research question for my “magic beachy book”. Thank you!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Peace… :)


News! I’m delighted to tell you my young adult novel, FOLLOWING CHELSEA, is now available!


Here’s a little more about the story:

After her social life flatlines, seventeen-year-old Anna Richards wants nothing more than to lie low at her new school. But it seems Anna looks an awful lot like Chelsea, the sweet and popular girl who recently died, and Anna finds herself stepping into the void created by Chelsea’s absence.

Anna is determined to make the awkward situation work in her favor, because Chelsea didn’t just leave a spot open with the in-crowd; she also left a gorgeous—and now available—boyfriend. But it turns out that following Chelsea might be a lot more complicated than Anna expected.

FOLLOWING CHELSEA e-books are available from Evernight Teen (on sale this week!) and Amazon.

For those of you who prefer paperback over e-book, print copies are now available from Create Space, as well as from and

Paperback copies will soon be available at Coho Books in Campbell River, BC (hopefully sometime next week).

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve offered cheers, congrats, and virtual high-fives — you’re awesome! I hope you enjoy FOLLOWING CHELSEA! :D


On seasons, and choosing joy

The weather turned yesterday, a very distinct not-summer-anymore change. Not that there won’t be more days of sunshine and maybe even warmth, but…we’re definitely getting closer to The Season of Grey. (This is a very wet, six-month combo pack of late fall, winter, early spring, familiar to all my fellow Pacific Northwest dwellers. ;) )

I spent Sunday afternoon at the beach — mostly out of the water, because brr — and I took a few minutes to really savour the feeling of warm sand:

Remember this feeling, toes. It will come again.

Remember this feeling, toes. It will come again.

I always get a bit sad about summer ending, even though there’s so much to enjoy in the fall: red leaves and sweaters and chai tea and rain…all good, but I know I’ll likely find myself pining for sunshine and bare feet long before that season rolls around again!

I think I’m learning, though, to enjoy the now — whether we’re talking about a season of the year, a season of life, or a season in our writing. There is joy now. There’s joy in this spot on the journey (even on tough days), but when I insist on looking at what I’ve left behind or what may lie ahead, I’m robbing myself of today’s joy.

So, today I am:

  • wearing a cozy sweater and savouring a cup of tea
  • choosing to believe my son starting grade 11 today is awesome and not ohmygosh-the-years-are-slipping-away freaky
  • releasing the not-quite-published-yet angst and impatience and focusing on today’s writing work (“pitchwars” revisions!)

life is precious




The “Book of Your Choice” giveaway is now over. And the winner is…


The winner has been notified, and her book is on its way. Thanks so much to everyone who checked out my cover reveal and entered the giveaway. I really appreciate it! :D