Writing by the Numbers

I was thinking of doing a “12 Days of Writing” post, but my mind wandered (as it is wont to do) and I ended up with a collection of writing tips and techniques in nice, neat, numbered packages. Link to one post per number, I thought, but I got a little carried away. After losing a bunch when I managed to close my browser sans saving, I decided to post what was left before my tech failings struck again. So here ya go… a total of 179 writing tips, just for you. (No guarantees on the math, k?) Merry Christmas!:)


10 Writing Tips from NaNoWriMo

10 Books for Writers

10 Commandments for the Happy Writer


9 Expert Tips for Better Writing

9 Tips for Writing Stories

9 Questions to Ask an Agent


8 Writing Tips from C.S. Lewis

8 Tips for Writing Dialogue

8 Moments You Absolutely Have to Deliver to your Readers

8 Ways to Enrich Your Characters


7 Tasks to Bridge Your First and Second Drafts

7 Editing Tips


6 Query Letter Tips

6 Techniques for Creating Character Names

6 Writing Tips from Frosty the Snowman


5 Tips for Building a Strong Writers Network

5 Easy Steps for Writing a Query Letter

5 Best Agent Blogs for 2010

5 Simple Questions for Revising Scenes


4 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

4 Reasons Writers Don’t Write: Goal Setting Tips For Writers

4 Manuscripts That Should Never Come Out of Your Drawer

4 Ways to Find a Critique Partner


3 Techniques for Crafting a Better Villain

3 Lessons in Publishing Writers Should Know About

3 Ways to Recapture the Love of Writing

3 Major Plot Problems and Fixes

3 Easy Stages for Writing Action Scenes


2 Parts of Being Brave

2 Ways of Looking at Feedback on your Story


1 Easy Way to Improve Your Manuscript

1 Basic Story Mistake

And last, but SO not least… 1 fo’ shizzle way to Find More Time to Write

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  1. Arti

    This is an amazing post! I must bookmark it… and will be busy going through them all. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011, Shari!


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