Monday Musings

Random things on my mind today:
  1. Who knew hope had a colour? For me, it seems it does: the pale green haze of fresh growth on deciduous trees. Yes, it really is spring! Finally!
  2. I always expect bald eagles to have a bigger, scarier voice than they do. But no–they chirp.
  3. Is a book art in the same way poetry or a painting is art? And if so, should it be judged and reviewed, or just experienced?
  4. Despite what Marilyn Monroe may have believed, I think a piano is a girl’s best friend. Good for what ails you. (Perhaps this is not a belief as widely held as the diamonds version, but it’s true for me, at least.)😉
  5. I’m cheering for a hockey team I would normally NEVER cheer for, all because of one player — a backup goalie from small-town Saskatchewan, thrust into starting-goalie position in the playoffs. Which tells you how important characterization is when you’re writing — give me a sympathetic character I can identify with in some way, and I’ll follow him anywhere. (You knew there’d be a writing analogy in this list somewhere, right? LOL)

What’s on your mind today?

One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. Chris

    I’m apparently quite agreeable today….also love love love the new, green growth – makes me want to shout out loud, Summer’s coming!
    What did Marilyn know…after all, she played a ukelele in Some LIke It Hot. I ‘heart’ pianos too:)
    And I am also rooting for the Caps since they beat the Bruins (enemies of our respective teams) Completely logical:)


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