Road Trip Wednesday: Conferences

I haven’t done a Road Trip Wednesday post for ages! (If you’re not familiar with RTW, it’s a blog carnival hosted by YA Highway — they post a writing- or reading-related question and bloggers post their answers; you can “hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s unique take on the topic”.) Today’s topic: what book and/or writing conference would you love to go to?

I’m a huge fan of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, so that one tops my list. It takes place in October each year, in Surrey, BC, Canada (Vancouver area). There’s always an amazing line-up of editors, agents, and authors presenting workshops and keynotes, plus there are pitch sessions and “blue pencil” sessions included in your registration, great networking opportunities, book fair, trade show, writing contest (with thousands of dollars in prizes!), and fun late-night events (official and not-so-official ;)).

I’ve been to SiWC every second year since I began writing fiction six years ago–I’ll be attending for the fourth time this October, and yes, I’m already excited about it! I always learn so much and come away from it totally inspired and fired-up to write.

Other than Surrey, I’d love to attend a regional SCBWI conference some day. I think it would be great to be part of something so focussed on writing for young people. (And I bet it would be a great opportunity to meet some more of my online kidlit/yalit friends in person, which would be awesome!)

How about you? Have you been to any great conferences? Are there any you’d really love to go to someday?


7 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Conferences

  1. Colin

    WriteOnCon might be the only conference I get to this year (though I’m looking into YALLfest). Since it’s a free, online conference, I really don’t have much excuse not to be a part of it. I did WriteOnCon last year, and it was fun.

    I hope you have a really good time at SiWC, Shari!:)


    1. Shari Green Post author

      I love WriteOnCon! I should’ve mentioned that one in the post. I did some of it last year, and it was great. Will definitely check it out again this year!

      Thanks for stopping by, Colin!:)


  2. kate scott

    The Surrey conference sounds great. I imagine it’s also a great way to meet other writers that live relatively close to you. The on-line writing community is wonderful but nothing can beat hanging out face to face with other writers. I’ve made several wonderful friends at the local conference here in Portland.


    1. Shari Green Post author

      I’ve heard good things about the Portland conference.:)

      Yes, it’s great to meet writer friends face-to-face. I met my first crit partner at Surrey in 2006, and we still beta read for each other.


  3. Carol

    I guess I don’t have to tell you that I agree 100% about the Surrey Conference. The camaraderie… being surrounded by hundreds of people who understand our addiction to writing… and the opportunity to spend three days overdosing on everything writing-related… it’s all good!

    If I could go to one other, it would be the American Christian Fiction Writers’ (ACFW) Conference. So many of my blogging friends talk of it. Then again, I’d love to get to Write! Canada sometime, too. But I’m not greedy; if I could just get to SiWC *every* year instead of every second one, I’d be a happy camper.:)


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