What I’m made of

I read a quote last evening about the significance of the discovery of the boson. It said, “It’s helping us understand the big universal question, which is what are we made out of.” (Philippe Di Stefano) And I thought, is this really the “big universal question”? Have we always longed to know what we’re made out of?

Now, don’t get me wrong–I love science. I’m quite the geek, really (although I’m more a biology geek than a physics geek, for sure), and I think this is all very, very cool, but… “what I’m made out of” isn’t a question that’s kept me up at night. I find it much more significant and insomnia-inducing to wonder why I was made, and what I’m meant to become. Mostly, though, it’s enough to know I was made, and that I’m loved by my Maker.


2 thoughts on “What I’m made of

  1. Diana Stevan

    I agree wholeheartedly. I haven’t been staying up nights pondering this question. I’m still puzzled by this quest, as I don’t understand how the millions spent to find the so-called God-particle will help with the bigger questions on earth, like how to eradicate poverty, how to spread equality for both sexes, how to provide health care for all, how to keep our water and air from being further polluted, and how to prevent war. For me, those are the key questions, the ones that need to be addressed if we are to move forward on this beautiful planet.


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