Highlights from SiWC

Me and my mom at the Surrey conference!

A day after arriving home from SiWC, I’m sitting here, trying to write a post-Surrey post. Where to start?! The Surrey conference was full of so much awesome, and honestly, it’s still a bit of an exhausted, zozzilicious blur.

So what can I tell you? I think the top three highlights for me this year were:

  • “Writing 21st Century Fiction”, a Master Class with literary agent Donald Maass
  • Workshops on Dialogue and Motivation with author Eileen Cook
  • Re-connecting with writer-friends. (I was delighted when one of those lovely friends won the “writing for young people” category of the SiWC writing contest! Yay, Trish! :D)

The conference was super-well-organized as usual. A thousand thank you’s to Conference Coordinator Kathy Chung, Contest Coordinator kc dyer, the SiWC board, and the amazing team of volunteers. You guys rock!

Agent Don Maass & Conference Coordinator Kathy Chung

MC Carol Monaghan & Presenter/Author Jack Whyte

Interested in hearing more? #SiWC2012 in Tweets, under the cut:

#SiWC2012 in Tweets

How do you get to SiWC? Any which way you can:

It all started with Thursday Master Classes, followed by keynotes and workshops Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So much wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration from keynotes and workshops!

Of course, it wasn’t all about the workshops…. Pitches, parties, and more SiWC awesomeness:

And then it was over…or was it? The inspiration and learning at SiWC live on:

Re-entry into reality isn’t always easy:

But SiWC is so totally worth it….

I hope to see you at the next Surrey International Writers’ Conference!😀

11 thoughts on “Highlights from SiWC

  1. Carol

    I don’t know how you did that section of tweets, but you really caught everyone’s enthusiasm as expressed in 140 characters or less. Very cool! It was a great weekend. I just wish it didn’t come and go again so quickly.


    1. Shari Green Post author

      The tweets took me all morning, LOL, but it was fun to read through all of them.

      How many sleeps ’til our next SiWC? (Never mind…don’t tell me. WAY too many!)


  2. Diana Stevan

    Hi Shari, I saved this photo of you and your mom. So lovely. Please say hi to her from me. Cheers, Diana


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