March Madness Check-In (day 25) & a winner!

You guys! Only a week left in March! Spring has sprung (at least according to the calendar) and the March Madness finish line is in sight.

Now, some of you have reached one or more of your goals already, and that is FANTASTIC! Yay! You rock!


Meanwhile, some others among us …ahem… are still plodding along. (Which is totally fine. Hey, we still have a week left!) Keep pushing forward! Don’t let anything get in your way.

writer coming through

Personally, I’m looking ahead and realizing pretty much everything else in my life is going to have to STEP ASIDE for the next week if I’m going to reach my goals. So, I’m planning to channel my inner Castle, don the vest, and work the Madness like a boss. How about you?

Keep your eyes on the prize, folks. It’s so going to be worth the Madness!

And speaking of prizes… (Wow, have you ever seen such a smooth segue? Impressive, I know.😉 ) …We’ve got another winner!

Kim Baccellia!

Congratulations, Kim! Stop by our goal-setting post, and choose your prize from those still listed. Email Denise at d(at)denisejaden(dot)com with your choice and we’ll get it out to you as soon as possible.

And if you didn’t win, keep checking in each day — there are still more great prizes to be won!

Okay, y’all know what time it is?

SNL desk dance

It’s desk dance party time!

Check in tomorrow at Shana’s blog. (Please note, like last week, I’ll be sleeping post-nightshift most the day…replies to your comments will be late, but I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re doing!)

20 thoughts on “March Madness Check-In (day 25) & a winner!

  1. Candilynn Fite-Writer

    *dancing on top of desk* Woot! One week left! Spent my day with my butt in the chair yesterday. I hit revisions w/ all I had! Down to 30 pages left for this pass. I plan on taking it a bit easy today. I’ll still dive into some revisions, but we’ve got our first soccer playoff game this afternoon, and I’m so excited!! Yes, proud mama here.😀

    Get some well-deserved shut-eye, Shari!

    Write on, Wipsters~


  2. denisejaden

    Sigh. Yesterday was a hard day for me. My Kindle bit it. I love my Kindle. It’s an old one with the keyboard at the bottom, and I was in the middle of going through one of my manuscripts on it. I was 44% of the way through and had made a lot of notes on things I would change on my computer, when the screen froze. I called Amazon. Not only is my Kindle no longer under warranty, they no longer manufacture this model – which I love everything about! Not only that, but there is no way to access all the notes I had made on my manuscript thus far.

    So, yes, I’m sad. However, I’m picking myself up by my bootstraps (what are bootstraps, anyway? I’ve never seen boots with straps on them, except maybe fashionista type ones that would not support me pulling on them). Last night I googled until I found a couple of apps for my phone that would at least help me take over from where I was at (I need to be able to upload my own documents, use the text to speech feature, and make notes throughout). So I’m trying to make that work for now, but today I will have to start again at the beginning. Double sigh.


    1. Carol

      Oh, Denise, what a disappointment!😦 We depend heavily on our electronics but even with backups we can sometimes be left stranded by them. I hope it won’t take you too long to re-do the lost work.


  3. Carol

    Love that Happy dancing video and your desk dancing gif. I need to harness some of that enthusiasm.

    After the backtracking I did, I thought I’d be off and running, or at least back to my usual plodding, but I still seem to be floundering. I haven’t quite recovered from my critique group session last Friday when it became evident the POV of my new story wasn’t working for anyone. I’ve changed the POV and cut a scene, but I’m not happy with it. ::sigh::

    I have an appointment this morning but am hoping to do some writing this afternoon… more than just staring at the words. I just have to muster the enthusiasm that is rapidly waning for this story. I wonder if Castle has an extra vest.

    On a happier note, congratulations to Kim on being the winner of another of our prizes.:)


    1. Shari Green Post author

      Sorry you’re floundering a bit. Edit later! Right POV, wrong POV, whatever…just get that story down! (Ha! Like I’m one to talk…it’s so hard to push forward when what’s done doesn’t feel right.)

      I hope it’s been a good writing afternoon for you. *sends you doubt-proof vest* (That’s what writers’ bullet-proof vests are, right?)


  4. Stacy Kupiec

    So I’m totally late to the check in today, but I come with great news for me. I finished my wip yesterday! *double desk dancing for me today*! So I took today off and got my oldest two kids’ braces on. Now we’re all smiles in this house.
    I’m so glad I joined this group for the March Madness.
    Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement and keeping me focused when I wanted to just take a nap.
    And congrats to Kim!


  5. KT Wagner

    I’m not sure where I am at! I think I’m on-track – got the new shorts started – and I’ve been adding to the new words instead of my original plan which was to revise. With only a week to go I should take stock, but I rec’d a shipment of reference book (used) today….shiny things!:-)



  6. baccelliak

    Yay!!!! I feel like Jennifer Aniston! Thanks so much!!!

    I’m almost at the finish line. Working through this ending. Lots of blood, violence, and betrayal going on. I can do this!!!!


  7. laurasheanataylor

    Today wasn’t quite what I’d hoped – dayjob / union stuff got in the way and I wasn’t very productive. But I’m looking forward to tomorrow and especially Thursday, when I have a quiet morning and a car ride to Seattle to get some work done!😀

    One thing I *did* manage was this: I finally found an old “source” file for the book I’m plotting for Camp NaNo next month. And I put it on my laptop, so I have it for reference.


    1. Shari Green Post author

      I’ve got lots left to do, too. We’ll push on through the madness together! We can get a lot done in five days, right?😀 (And even if we don’t quite make it, we are going to be SO much closer to our goals, which will be awesome!) Happy writing!


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