Poetry Month: Making Music & Drawing Pictures

April is poetry month. If that doesn’t sound awesome to you, maybe try thinking of it as Making-Music-and-Drawing-Pictures-Using-Only-Words month. Better? It’s the perfect time to let your creative nature run free, and also the perfect time to refill your creative well, so to speak.

Last April was the first time I really immersed myself in poetry for the whole month, both reading it and writing it — and surprise, surprise, the novel I started in May decided it was a verse novel. (I credit Poetry Month, among other things, with helping me find my voice.)

Even if you’ve no desire whatsoever to write poetry or a verse novel, I hope you’ll still indulge in some poetry this month. You never know how it might shape you, or how it might shape your writing. (See How poetry can help your fiction.)

This year, I’m dabbling a bit with some fun and informal types of poetry. First up was book spine poetry.

Road Trip

“Road Trip”

I shared some on Instagram, if you’re interested, or you can see some way better ones on Book Riot.

I’m starting out this next week with Fibonacci Poems. Yep, that’s right, kids…we’re combining math and poetry. How fun is that?! Fibonacci poems (“Fibs”) use the Fibonacci sequence to dictate the number of syllables in each line. So, a six-line Fib would have 20 syllables: 1/1/2/3/5/8. Something like this:

Rain - a Fib poem


Ta-da! My first Fib. I’ll try a few more this week, then I’m going to mess around with Newspaper Blackout poems, and maybe something more traditional, like Haiku or Tanka.

Got any other ideas of fun poetry structures for me to try? And how about you–are you dabbling in poetry this month?



4 thoughts on “Poetry Month: Making Music & Drawing Pictures

  1. Kristin Butcher

    My mother said you shouldn’t tell Fibs, but in this case she was wrong. Great poem, Shari. I have a feeling you’re going to develop into quite the little Fibber.😉


  2. Carol

    I’ve written poetry occasionally since childhood, but never seriously, and I’d never heard of Fibonacci poetry so will have to check it out. I like the poem you created with it.

    I taught a bit of poetry appreciation in my primary grade classroom… but simple and fun stuff, Ogden Nash’s light verse style. My Poetry Month dabblings just involve reading a poem a day, and for some reason unclear to me now, I picked Yeats to read. He’s a far cry from Nash, a *very* far cry! Some days it makes ME cry.😉


  3. Arti

    Thanks for the reminder about April and poetry. I really like yours here both photo and words… I’m particularly drawn to these three words: ‘winter-dead ground’. How true, I’m witnessing the revival of life, which begins with the melting of snow.😉


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