Book spines, Fibs, and ransom notes

Poetry Month is over, but I am so not over poetry. Words! Images! Thoughts! Music! I didn’t always love poetry, and there is a LOT of poetry that I don’t understand at all (and also some that I don’t really much care for), but there is also a lot of poetry that I find accessible and beautiful and thought-provoking.

This month, I read poetry by Pamela Porter (and a tidbit-per-day of Yeats, thanks to my mom’s #poetrymonth posts), and I read two novels-in-verse (Leslea Newman’s October Mourning and Thanhha Lai’s Inside Out & Back Again).  Also, some of the Psalms.

Writing-wise, I took on the fun challenge of creating a mini-poem every day using mostly “less formal” styles of poetry. Here’s what I came up with:

  • 10 book-spine poems
  • 5 Fibonacci poems (“Fibs”)
  • 6 newspaper-blackout poems
  • 2 tanka
  • 3 haiku
  • 1 syllabic verse poem
  • 2 free verse poems
  • 1 ransom note (maybe not an official poetry form, but hey, it was playing with words, so I figure it counts!)

Thirty mini-poems in thirty days. Clearly, I had fun with the book spine poems — ten of them! And the newspaper blackouts were fun, too. Really, they were all fun, because playing with words is fun.:) (If you’re a writer, you’re probably thinking I know, right?! and if you’re not a writer, you’re probably thinking I always knew Shari was a little strange. )

Here are a few of my favourites from the month:

17-Carpe Diem




26-Perfection - ransom-note style



Did you read any poems in April? Did you write any?

Wishing you fun with words…😉




6 thoughts on “Book spines, Fibs, and ransom notes

  1. Diana Stevan

    How lovely and how inspiring! Your examples encourage me to take the time or find the time (ha!) to write some mini-poems myself. While we were in To., our 12 yr. old granddaughter shared some haiku. Reminds me of how much creativity we have in our bones, just waiting to be unleashed. Now, I have to check out your mom’s posts.


  2. elderfox

    What a neat idea! I’ve got shelves of books (all still boxed and most in storage) but I think I’d like to go for this idea if and when the boxes get emptied. I am no poet for sure but free-writing with a theme in mind (????) might try that. I think you and “Mom” should get together and create a book with your photos and “nature” poetry. I’d get a copy in a heart-beat:)


    1. Shari Green Post author

      Thanks, Earlene. Aren’t Mom’s photos lovely?!

      I hope you have some fun with book-spine poems when you’re unpacking your books. I really liked doing them — once I got started, the books kept sparking more ideas.:)


  3. Carol

    Your variations on poetic expression were much more creative than anything I did during the month. But just reading poetry and finding tidbits that spoke to me even out of context was satisfying. It’s a good thing the month wasn’t any longer, however, since I was running out of original photos to pair up with the excerpts!


    1. Shari Green Post author

      Haha, yes, thirty days was probably long enough! It can take a lot of time sifting through photos, never mind deciding on the poems themselves.😉

      On to different creative endeavours… happy creating!


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