Today’s Facts of (my) Life

This much I know is true:

  1. Clump-free mascara is a lie.
  2. Greek yogurt with fresh-from-my-garden strawberries is the Best Breakfast Ever.
  3. If a writer doesn’t write a book until she knows how to write it, it will never be written.strawberries

Onward into my clumpy, well-nourished, full-of-words day!

What’s true for you today?

4 thoughts on “Today’s Facts of (my) Life

  1. elderfox

    So, what do I do with all these (prescious?) volumes of How To…. and research books? By the way, are you heading East on I 90…or are you already on your way?


    1. Shari Green Post author

      So many books, so few shelves… haha, that’s my dilemma!

      Not on our way yet…a few more weeks. We haven’t got a route planned yet (other than travelling east in Canada, then dipping down over the border and coming back out west through the US). Guess we should look at some maps soon!


  2. Carol

    What’s true for me??? Um, let’s see… (1.) Nothing gets written if I don’t write it, and I’m still procrastinating. (2.) There will be no strawberries or blueberries for us again this year because the bear eats them as fast as they ripen, and I don’t like yogurt nearly as much without berries. (3.) I should take note of #1 and get busy!😉


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