March Madness day 3

Welcome, my Madnificents, to the March Madness day 3 check-in! :)

This is my fifth year–fifth!–co-hosting this awesome challenge, and I’m thrilled to be here again, cheering you on and being part of the Big Accountability Plan. (Oh man, do I need that accountability plan!) And you know about the prizes, right? Today we’re giving away the first one! We drew a name from those who submitted their goals during the first 24 hours of March Madness. The winner is…

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Heartbreakers Tour – last day!

Today is the final day of the Heartbreakers Blog Tour — which means it’s your last day to enter to win a Kindle and an Amazon giftcard! You can enter the draw on any of the Heartbreaker blog posts.

I’m visiting the Little Library Muse and sharing my favourite love song and my thoughts on why people connect with star-crossed lovers. And on Tales of Yesterday, we’re talking romantic gestures and which romantic songs could be our character’s theme song.

Thanks for following the Heartbreakers tour, and thank you to all the awesome bloggers who hosted us! I hope you had fun, discovered some new books, and found out some cool stuff about the authors! :)