March Madness day 10

Hello, Madnificents! How goes the Madness?

I hesitate to comment about what a mild winter we’ve had here. *ducks snowballs thrown from all the non-west-coast Wipsters* Choosing a beach theme for my Tuesday posts is really and truly NOT a rubbing-in of our fine weather. Honestly. It’s just me, sharing thoughts from my corner of the world. So, forgive me…and come with me to the virtual beach.

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March Madness day 3

Welcome, my Madnificents, to the March Madness day 3 check-in! :)

This is my fifth year–fifth!–co-hosting this awesome challenge, and I’m thrilled to be here again, cheering you on and being part of the Big Accountability Plan. (Oh man, do I need that accountability plan!) And you know about the prizes, right? Today we’re giving away the first one! We drew a name from those who submitted their goals during the first 24 hours of March Madness. The winner is…

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